SkySQL™ Enterprise HA for MySQL® and MariaDB®

The 360° degrees High Availability solution for the MySQL® & MariaDB® databases

SkySQL™ Enterprise HA is SkySQL’s 360° answer to providing a ready-to-go solution for MySQL & MariaDB High Availability – in no more than 3 days.

This is an HA solution that meets all types of the architectural requirements SkySQL customers may have.

SkySQL Enterprise HA for the MySQL & MariaDB databases encompasses the support, tools and consulting expertise needed for the deployment of reliable HA architectures in just a few days – no more than 3, in fact.
SkySQL Enterprise HA relies on a uniquely comprehensive range of options to meet the level of availability our customers want to achieve:
• Operating systems support for Linux® or Windows®
•Best-of-breed technologies such as: ◦ DRBD®, MHA®, Tungsten® Enterprise or semi-sync Replication
◦ Linux Shared Storage
◦ Windows Cluster Service for Windows 2008 based servers

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